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The Best Shark Dive in the World!
  • Shark Diving with Salmon Sharks!
    Source. Watch. Very cool - and great images! Alaskasharks here!  
  • Chris Lowe - excellent Article!
    And I cite - the link is mine. The rise in public and media interest is closely related to the increased focus from a wide array of elasmobranch conservation organisations, many of which religiously sound alarm bells, but often without any need or use for the supporting science.... While sounding the alarm is necessary and will always be needed to promote change and conservation, I worry
  • Whale Shark tourism in Ningaloo - Paper!
    The strobe ban is baloney (and should be exchanged for a ban on self-promoting peroxide piranhas) - but other than that, this is excellent. Source - click for detail.   Wonderful! Love love love the paper! Great to see longterm monitoring much like we do here and has been done by Avi in Cocos! Also great to see that grouper challenge  winner Rob is being mentored by Shark tourism supremos

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