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Beqa Adventure Divers

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We are a multi-awarded Ecotourism Operator and pride ourselves in offering our Clients the highest standards of Comfort, Service, Professionalism and above all, Safety.

We are the Stewards of Shark Reef Marine Reserve and run Fiji’s first and original Big Fish and Shark Dive. We also dive beautiful Beqa Lagoon, the Soft Coral Capital of the Word, and provide for PADI training all the way up to Dive Master.


Shark Reef Marine Reserve

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Established in 2004 by Beqa Adventure Divers together with the Villages who own the reef and the Government of Fiji, this is Fiji’s first Marine Reserve dedicated to the protection of Sharks.


Harboring 8 species of Sharks and close to 400 species of Fish, the Reserve is the ideal location for cutting-edge research into Shark Ecology and Behavior and Ichthyology, and for many local and international Film Productions.

The Best Shark Dive in the World!
  • WA Shark Cull - Nat Geo Wild!
    Source. The cull is now on Wikipedia. Not perfect but not bad, either. Same-same for this reportage. It sure frames the issue correctly i.e. the cull is ethically and scientifically untenable - but people are scared and demand action = quick-fix solutions. Anyway, well worth watching.
  • To Feed or not to Feed - David's Interview!
    David has posted his own unabridged interview. As always, he's making some excellent points. Re-posted in its entirety, with tacit permission. What is your opinion on baited shark dives and shark feeding dives, and why? It’s a strange one, I am neither “pro-shark feeding” nor “anti-shark feeding”. It would be more accurate to say I wholeheartedly support projects which encourage
  • Pour nos Amis Francophones!
    I just got this message.  Le film Vu sur Terre, Iles Fidji sera diffusé sur France 5 le mardi 12 aout 21h30, le samedi 16 aout 16h10, le 1er septembre 0h30, le 4 septembre 16h30.  This is a production we're proud of.  Vu sur Terre is one of the premium programs of Patly Productions, and the Fiji episode explores the daily lives of a surfer, a rugby player and a Shark feeder, our Manasa

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