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Dive Fish Snow TravelDive Fish Snow Travel has been The South Pacific's leading dive & fishing travel experts since 1986, and Canadian snow travel specialist since 1998.  That's 20 years in the business!

As our logo says “Our Total Expertise Guarantees You A Fantastic Holiday

When you deal with a Dive Fish Snow Travel consultant, you are dealing with a professional, with an average of fourteen years travel industry background – but more importantly you are dealing with a real person who is passionate about their diving, fishing, skiing or wind & kite boarding.

Dive Fish Snow TravelDive Fish Snow Travel
39A, Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay,
Auckland 0632, New Zealand
+64 9 479 2210
+64 9 479 2210

The Best Shark Dive in the World!
  • FUN FUN FUN - two!
    Titled THE_FAMILY_and_HAMMERHEAD - great education! Source. Worry not! This time, I'm not gonna utter the dreaded B-word! :) So, that horrible woman is coming back. And she is, obviously, totally unrepentant - as in, you are the company you keep! Op-ed by David here! PS - Christie Wilcox (much too politely and intellectually) here! PPS - David on SFS here!
  • The Sharks!
    Source. This is phenomenal stuff. David remarks correctly, This is honest, beautifully crafted and real documentary film-making and reminds those of us old enough to remember, an hour long TV slot used to mean an hour of content as opposed to 47 minutes of content wrapped around what the broadcaster really wants you to watch, the 13 minutes of commercials.  Look at those involved on
  • WA Shark Cull - Nat Geo Wild!
    Source. The cull is now on Wikipedia. Not perfect but not bad, either. Same-same for this reportage. It sure frames the issue correctly i.e. the cull is ethically and scientifically untenable - but people are scared and demand action = quick-fix solutions. Anyway, well worth watching.

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