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Denouncing Discovery Communications for Victimizing Sharks for Profit

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This is the first time I sign a petition, ever.

Quite frankly, I've been caught completely unawares and only found out about it when browsing Underwater Thrills during my morning coffee, as I do every day. I'm kinda between homes and countries so I'll have to keep this short.

This is important, but it is only one part of the equation - the other part being that as an Industry, we got to provide for alternatives by working with serious producers and cinematographers in order to come up with better programs.

Since 1987, Discovery Channel has annually presented 'Shark Week.' This week-long series of programs featuring sharks claims to present facts about sharks, and its popularity has earned the company millions of dollars.  In reality, Discovery uses sharks for the horror-show effect that draws a wide audience. Shark Week dramatizes shark attacks, blood and the animals' unusual dentition, to frighten viewers.

We call for an International boycott of all of Shark Week's programs until Discovery Communications stops using sharks dishonestly for profit in horror shows, and starts presenting them as the important marine animals that they are, now in danger of extinction.

And we the operators need to finally shoulder our responsibility and stop shooting ourselves in the foot, by agreeing that the Deadly Beaches fiasco must be the last time where this kind of despicable rubbish has been allowed to happen on our watch. We are the stewards of our sites and without our consent and logistical support, nothing goes - and yes, I'm repeating myself!

Always remember - our customers have a choice and there are always alternatives!

So, let's start with the stick - but let's also work on the carrot!

Please sign the petition and tell your friends.

Mike DaShark

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