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The Best Shark Dive in the World!
  • Don't buy Tramadol!
    Here we go again! I'm being spammed by a deluge of messages selling that shit. Those fucking dimwits don't appear to notice that not a single one of their comments ever makes it onto the blog, and continue undeterred, for days and weeks on end. So, don't buy that crap. It's being marketed by total morons, and the side effects are just simply unacceptable. Eat THAT, assholes!
  • #SHARKWATCH - good Article!
    Source. You got to read this. It's an excellent synopsis of global Shark conservation efforts. Bravo Alan Boyle - job well done!
  • She's pregnant!
    And huge! Blunt was always BIG, but now she's GINORMOUS! The screen grab with those projecting teeth looks fearsome - but that's how she always feeds, this whilst actually being one of the sweetest, most considerate and borderline shy individuals, and getting even mellower as time goes by! A big, old Shark with a big tummy = a big litter, making her specially valuable. To be

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